The essence of the symposium lies in the contribution of the understanding and promotion of critical and analytical thinking and  the establisment of  its systematic structure along with sharing obtained scientific results with the scientific communities and all interested bodies. 

Critical and analytical thinking revises our mental thinking structure, which affects our judgments and actions, through transforming its superficial, ordinary and easily affected structure to the  systematic, multi-faceted and interrogative one. 

Those people thinking in critical and analytical way  consider every aspects of a topic and obtain a full vision about it. They are quite aware of the possible misleading structures of internal or external factors.  They can distiguish right from wrong and reach a correct decision on a subject by pursuing the necessary and accurate information.  A new conversion of life perspective of awareness in all aspects may be obtained by adapting and applying critical and analytical thinking. Symposium topics are determined to hold a mirror to life from the perspective of critical and analytical thinking and show its projection to the real life. 

One of the main objectives of “ 2nd International Symposium on Critical and Analytical Thinking” is that it targets to provide an environment so that all the related parts are brought together to strengthen the unity, to speed up the studies contributing the literature and to share the obtained scientific results with all the concerned parts.

We hope that this symposium will contribute to build  new societies making a meaningful effort to have  a sensible and qualified life style and to improve effective thinking methods and skills for their decision making strategies against all the internal and external adversary influences.